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Everything you need to know about flower season

Everything you need to know about flower season

We’ve put together a helpful guide on what you need to know for this flower season. It’s got everything from the best accommodation and viewing spots to photography tips that’ll help you with your flower snaps.

Best viewing spots

West Coast Tourism compile a newsletter every couple of days that provides subscribers with a list of the best flower viewing spots. The newsletter is compiled from first hand accounts from around the region. You can find the latest update here. Alternatively, you can give the Weskus Blomlyn a call on 063 724 6203 for the latest info from fellow flower spotters on the West Coast.

Use our guide when seeing the West Coast wildflowers

If you need a place to stay

From out of town? Not to worry. We’ve got you sorted. Our long list of tried and tested Country Escapes for wildflower season on the West Coast is all you’ll need.

Our top viewing tips

For those new to this annual show, here are some viewing tips from our contributor Keri Harvey to get you started.

Don't miss the West Coast wildflowers

For the happy snappers

Some say that if there are no photos it never happened. To provide some irrefutable proof of the spectacular expression of spring, here are eight photo tips from photojournalist and Country Life contributor Marion Whitehead.

Tell us about it

If you do end up heading to the West Coast and spot a few blooms, then don’t forget to drop us a line. We love letters, so send them on to [email protected]. We are of course on Facebook, Instagram (@sacountrylife) and Twitter (@SACLMag), so please tag, tweet, post or share your journey with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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