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Frogs Small Enough to Sit on a Coin

Frogs Small Enough to Sit on a Coin

Photos by SD Biju

A team of scientists, led by Delhi University taxonomy professor, SD Biju, recently completed a five-year study of miniature night frogs in the Kerala state in India.

The result is seven new names on the list of frogs small enough to fit on a child’s fingernail. These new species were discovered underneath the damp vegetation near Sabarimala and Athirappilly, which they will be named after. According to the team’s research paper, this hidden habitat may be the reason why these frogs have remained undiscovered for so long.

The seven different species measure between 12.2mm and 15.4mm, or roughly small enough to sit comfortably on a R2 coin.

That’s still twice as large as the world’s smallest frog, discovered in Papua New Guinea in 2012. Known as Paedophryne Amauensis, this tiny frog currently holds the record for both the smallest frog and the world’s smallest vertebrate. It measures 7mm – easily small enough to fit on a South African 10c coin.

frogs miniature new species discovered

Vijayan’s Night Frog was named after the region in which it was discovered

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