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Growing Weed Now Legal in Zimbabwe

Growing Weed Now Legal in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has become the second country on the continent of Africa to legalise the growth of cannabis. Last year, Lesotho became the first country to do so.

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Residents of Zim can now apply for a licence to grow weed for medical and research purposes, but it’s not yet clear how these licences are going to be handed out, or how a person can prove that his/her cannabis will be used for said purposes.

The health minister of Zimbabwe, David Parirenyatwa, revealed that both companies and individuals with a five-year licence would be able to grow, transport and sell cannabis and associated products.

This licence could be suspended if a person of authority notices that the substance is being sold to an “illicit market.”

If you happen to live in Zimbabwe, or Lesotho for that matter, here’s a beginner’s guide to growing whacky tabaccy.

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