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Hippo Strolls Through KZN Petrol Station

Hippo Strolls Through KZN Petrol Station

A video uploaded to the South Africa Live Facebook page earlier this week has gone viral.

The video shows a very unconcerned hippo taking a stroll through a petrol station while customers scatter far and wide.

The video was shot in the small town of St Lucia which is also the location of the world famous Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park. Local residents often encounter some of the wetland’s weird and wild creatures when they explore the town.

Thankfully the hippo at the petrol station didn’t cause any injuries.

In March this year, a hippo bull from St Lucia attacked a tourist who was walking home from a night out on the town with his wife. According to a report in the Zululand Observer, the tourists crossed the road and kept a safe distance from the hippo, but he suddenly charged at them, “shaking the man like a rag doll.”

A heroic passing motorist used his vehicle to bump the hippo which then let go of the tourist. The man was rushed to hospital and discharged the following day with minor injuries.

Welcome to St.Lucia! Where Hippos are part of the community ??

Posted by South Africa Live on Monday, 17 July 2017

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