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WATCH: Leopard poaches meal from giant crocodile

An opportunistic leopard has been filmed snatching food straight from a crocodile’s mouth in the South Luangwa National Park. Wildlife Documentary Editor at the Bush Camp Company,  Nicole Dangoor submitted her footage of the surprising sight to LatestSightings and explained that initially her group’s attention had been drawn by crocodiles scrapping over a feast.

“We quickly drove up to them to see a Leopard and a hyena waiting to get some of the meat,” Nicole explained adding, “The leopard crept closer to the crocodile with the bulk of the food, seemingly interested in what the crocodile had in its mouth.”

According to New Scientist, it is not uncommon for a leopard to scavenge food as it’s the leopard’s very lack of pickiness when it comes to food that has made it a success in areas that other predators may struggle in. This behaviour of actively stealing from another animal is highly irregular however as leopards are generally seen to be prepared to run rather than to defend meals when confronted.

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