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WATCH: What happens when a lion and leopard meet

Video has emerged of a lion and leopard staring each other down in Namibia’s Etosha National Park. In a fight the leopard must know she stands no chance against the lion, so just how does she get away?

It’s a testament to a lion’s camouflage that this leopard did not spot the far larger lioness until it was too late. Crouched, and in the animal kingdom’s version of a Mexican stand-off, the smaller predator had to make a decision about just how she was going to get away from the lion who was obviously not keen on having another predator on her block.

The footage was apparently captured by 24-Year-old French Biologist and freelance Safari guide, Valentin Lavis, who has said he “was at the perfect spot at just the right time”, when he caught this rare sighting on video.

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