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Quad Vehicles For Kruger Rangers

Quad Vehicles For Kruger Rangers

The Kruger National Park’s (KNP) ranger corps received 10 quad vehicles in September 2015 from funding provided by the Howerd G Buffet Foundation (HGBF). This will improve the ground mobility capacity and support in anti-poaching operations inside the park.

“We continue to be invaded by well-equipped poachers that aim to illegally capitalise on our rhino on daily basis. For as long as this scourge continues, we need to continuously equip our rangers with the latest field equipment available; including the all-terrain vehicles to enhance their effectiveness,” said KNP’s GM: Communications and Marketing, William Mabasa.


Rangers are receiving training for the new vehicles to effectively use them in the park. SANParks received an initial grant funding of R254.8 million from HGBF in 2014 to support anti-poaching operations in Kruger. They became more mobile in the air after the purchase of a helicopter in September 2014.

Subsequent to the initial funding, SANParks was granted a further R37.7 million to purchase a second helicopter with night flying capability. This will further increase the capacity of SANParks’ rhino anti-poaching flight operations in the Kruger National Park..

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