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Robird Clears the Skies over Canadian Airport

Robird Clears the Skies over Canadian Airport

The field of robotics has evolved spectacularly over the last three decades.

For proof look no further than Edmonton International Airport’s latest recruit. It’s called Robird and as you’ve probably guessed, it’s a robotic bird. Unlike other robotic birds that came before, Robird can actually fly. Robird has been doing the rounds for a while, but this is the first time it has been put to work.

Robird will be keeping the skies clear and will guide other birds away from the airport safety. That’s if birds are brave enough to enter Robird’s birdspace.

The main trick up its sleeve is the ability to mimic the flight of a falcon. It does the mimicking so well that other birds seemingly believe that there is an actual falcon nearby, which keeps them well away.

“This is truly a historic moment for our company but especially for the entire aviation industry,” says Nico Nijenhuis, CEO of Clear Flight Solutions. “We currently operate our Robirds in a variety of places, but taking the step towards full integration within daily operations at an airport is huge. For years, there has been a lot of interest from airports. To now officially start integrating our operations at a major Canadian airport is absolutely fantastic.”

Watch Robird in action in the video below.

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