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SA Farmers pay R5 Million for a Pigeon

SA Farmers pay R5 Million for a Pigeon

This is not the first time we’ve covered pigeons in COUNTRY LIFE.     

Late in 2016 we looked at how humans used pigeons throughout the ages, and in the recent February edition of the magazine we took a closer look at the world of pigeon racing.

South Africa is home to one of the richest annual pigeon races on the planet, which is called the Million Dollar Pigeon Race. It took place in January this year, and the prices that were up for grabs were quite stunning. The overall winner walked away with R4.3 million, not to mention a brand-new Nissan Patrol in the Hot Spot Car Challenge.

Pigeon racing trended again this week after two South African pigeon farmers paid R5 million for a racing pigeon in Belgium.

The pigeon, aptly named Golden Prince, was put for auction by a conservation group, and after an intense bidding war, the lot closed at R4.9 million. That makes Golden Prince the most expensive pigeon ever sold.

Golden Prince seems to be worth the investment, however. He has been described as the best long distance pigeon in the world, and will be used for breeding purposes.

If you’d like to know more about the interesting world of pigeon racing, watch the short documentary called For The Birds below

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