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The Secret Life of Whales in Antarctica

The Secret Life of Whales in Antarctica

As underwater cameras and tracking systems get smaller and less intrusive, the more scientists can study sea life without having a negative effect on the animal.

Whales, for example, have remained a mystery, but one scientific team in Antarctica is seeing these animals like we’ve never seen them before, thanks to non-invasive digital tags. These tags are equipped with cameras as well.

The footage and data allows the World Wildlife Fund and the Oregon State University to study whales’ feeding and social habits. For the first time ever, these scientists will also get a clear idea of how whales use their blowholes.

The digital tags allow for a recording time of between 24 to 48 hours, which means the scientists basically get a clear view of a day in the life of a humpback whale.

In a short timeframe, the team has already learned that whales spend a great deal of time being social, resting and feeding.

A great deal has also been discovered regarding feeding habits. According to lead scientists, Ari Friedlaender, whales will feed just below the surface, but will also dive down to 250 metres to feed on krill.

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