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WATCH: Let sleeping leopards lie

We all know that feeling of being watched, but if you have ever woken up in the night knowing that someone is looking down on you, you will fully understand this sleeping leopard’s reaction to having her nap interrupted.

This video of a male leopard stalking a sleeping female leopard was captured by Pieter van Wyk, a 34-year-old game ranger in Mala Mala Game Reserve who explained to Latestsightings.com that both the stealth and speed of the leopards had amazed him.

‘We had just left camp on our afternoon safari. We’d viewed a lioness with four cubs close to our camp before moving off to follow up on a female leopard that had been found with a kill in the morning. When we approached the area of the female, we saw a male leopard walking towards the female,” he told the site, adding, “Initially, we felt a collective feeling of excitement, seeing two adult leopards in the same sighting. Then it got rather humorous”.

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