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Would You Eat Insects to Save the Planet?

Would You Eat Insects to Save the Planet?

A new study conducted by the University of Edinburgh suggests that the consumption of insects instead of beef could help in the fight against climate change.

Replacing around half the meat consumed worldwide with insects (specifically crickets and mealworms) would cut the amount of space dedicated to farms by a third.

The people behind this research are fully aware that the average consumer may not be too keen to give up his burger for a cricket, but they suggest getting around this problem by using insects as ingredients in pre-packed meals.

Switching over to insects would free up 1680 million hectares of land.

The reports also mentions that switching to a diet consisting of mainly chicken and eggs would free up an area nearly as big. It might also be easier to get people behind this diet, instead of one based on insect consumption.

Professor Dominic Moran, of the University of York and Scotland’s Rural College, said: “The environmental challenges facing the global agricultural industry are increasing and this paper has studied some of the alternative foods that we can introduce into our diets to alleviate some of this pressure.”

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