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#TheatreThursday: Gorilla Family and Me

#TheatreThursday: Gorilla Family and Me

Film makers usually observe and film from a distance, but Gordon Buchanan is different.

Known for a series in which he attempt to join a specific animal’s family, Gordon will now try to join the most dangerous tribe yet.

Grauer’s gorillas are extremely rare and they can only be found in the eastern Congo. To join this small family of gorillas successfully, Gordon must convince the dominant male, Chimunka, that he means him and his family no harm.

In this fantastic series, Gordon experiences the joy of winning Chimunka’s trust, but not everything goes according to plan. A group of younger males try to take over from Chimunka and things get rather scary as a result…

Gorilla family and Me is currently running on DSTV on BBC Earth (Channel 184).

Watch the trailer below:

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