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Watch: The Showering Rat that went Viral

The latest animal video to go viral features a showering rat…

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A few days ago the footage you can see below was loaded onto YouTube. It was shot in Huarez City, Peru and its main star is a showering rat. And not just a rat standing under running water either. Oh no, this rat seems to be cleaning his armpits using soapy water.

The person who filmed it claims he was on his way to take a shower when he spotted the furry critter.

Obviously, people immediately called it fake, as rats aren’t exactly known for cleanliness. After expert biologists viewed the video, however, the truth came to light. What looks like a rat is actually called a pacarana, native to South America.

According to the experts, this kind of behavior isn’t normal for pacaranas, so this particular one must have had something on his body that he desperately wanted to get rid of.

The pacarana was filmed for around 30 seconds before it fled the scene.

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