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Watch: Tyre-Chewing Lion gets Curious at Kruger

A young lion got up close and personal with a recent visitor to the Kruger National Park (KNP)

Video footage of the woman’s encounter with a young Kruger lion was uploaded to the Kruger Sightings YouTube channel, and has since been shared far and wide.

In August, the park’s management became aware of a possible ‘problem’ lion after visitors reported that their tyres had been chewed. They issued a warning to tourists to be aware when approaching lions, particularly in the Satara area, and asked visitors to report any ‘strange behaviour’.

Visitors were also urged to keep their windows closed, and not to take any chances in trying to get video footage of unusual lion behaviour.

Lion behaving boldly

On her visit to the Kruger Park in mid-August, Hannetjie van der Westhuizen came across a small pride with a curious young male lion. Instead of lying around in the shade, or disappearing into the bush, the brazen young fellow came right up to Van Der Westhuizen’s car and began chewing her side mirror!

Once he’d taste-tested the mirror, he moved on to the vehicle tyres.

“He was seriously chewing on the tyres, and I thought those sharp teeth may damage them, so we decided to move on,” Van Der Westhuizen told Kruger Sightings.

A regular to the park, Van Der Westhuizen said she’d never seen anything like it before!


Tourists have been urged to report any dangerous or unusual incidents to the Emergency Call Centres on 013 735 4064 / 013 735 0197 or 076 801 9679.

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