Wonderbag’s Best Gifts for Christmas

Whether it’s saving time in the kitchen over the Christmas period not having to slave over a hot stove all day; or wanting to prepare a hearty and deliciously warm dish when either picnicking on the beach or camping in the great outdoors – nothing can compare to the Wonderbag.

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This proudly South African non-electric heat retention cooker continues to cook a variety of hot and cold dishes for up to 12 hours. No plug needed.

And better yet – this festive season Wonderbag has rounded up the best finds of the year to make this year’s Christmas shopping and travelling a lot easier.

Here’s a gift that’s not only a must-have for the fairer sex, but is ideal for men as well. From picnic mats to personalised Wonderbags, you can find what you want and ‘buy’ it at the simple click of a button using their new user-friendly online shop.

And if you simply can’t wait until Christmas to give the gift that keeps on giving, then place your online order today.

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