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5 Interesting Airbnb Facts & Figures

5 Interesting Airbnb Facts & Figures

With tourism being a hot topic this month, Airbnb decided to publish some data around its presence in South Africa.

It makes for some interesting reading and reveals that Airbnb plays a massive role in local tourism. We looked into the whole Airbnb scene a while ago and chose our 5 favourite country escapes you can find on the site.

1. The most important figure of them all is R2.4 billion. That’s the amount economic activity for Airbnb in South Africa for 2016. That’s the total sum guests spent and hosts received during one year. This figure is expected to grow even further in 2017.

2. The amount of growth is staggering. During 2014, there were 38 000 confirmed guest arrivals. During 2016, this figure grew to 400 000.

3. There are 16 000 hosts in South Africa and they host an average of 16 days per year, earning them an additional R28 000. Half the hosts in South Africa do so to keep their homes.

4. Guests choose Airbnb because they want an authentic South African experience. 85% of guests stated that they chose the service to live like a local.

5. The biggest portion of Airbnb hosts are situated in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. These cities recorded an estimated 240 000 guest arrivals, which boosted the local economy with R1.9 billion.

If the idea of hosting sounds good to you, watch Airbnb’s ultimate guide to hosting below.

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