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Escaped Kruger Park Lions Killed

Escaped Kruger Park Lions Killed

The Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA) and SANParks officials received a report that one of the farm owners in the Mara Valley shot one lion and wounded another after it killed his cattle.

The carcass of the cow was found within the vicinity of the farm.

The officials who were on site using the Kruger National Park helicopter managed to find the remainder of the lions close to the carcass of the cow.

The team was operating in a difficult and extremely challenging terrain which made darting a difficult option.

“We had a dedicated and experienced team on site that had been working tirelessly to locate and capture these lions. Unfortunately after all efforts were made and the risk of having a wounded lion roaming around, a decision had to be taken to destroy them”, said Mr Abe Sibiya, Head of Biodiversity at MTPA.

For the past few days baits were placed at various strategic points, but no progress was made. The team worked under a lot of pressure to ensure that progress was made on this search.

“We would like to thank SANParks officials for providing all the necessary support and resources to assist us in this operation. The continuous alerts received from the farm owners and community in the area assisted the team to be on constant alert” concluded Sibiya.


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