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Take John Maytham’s Rapid Fire Quiz

Take John Maytham’s Rapid Fire Quiz

What is the origin of the word ‘Bluetooth’? How, exactly, does one have sex in space? What is ferret-legging?

All of these questions have answers, and they can be found in a new book called Rapid Fire, named after the popular John Maytham insert on CapeTalk Radio.

Rapid Fire allows you to join John on an interesting journey to discover the most arcane facts and surprising questions.

  1. What is the world’s oldest dog breed?
  2. The raw meat dish, carpaccio, is named after Vittore Carpaccio. What was his job?
  1. How many holes are there in a Marie Biscuit?

rapid fire quiz

  1. Which country has the oldest flag?
  1. How fat do you have to be (in kilogram) to be bulletproof?
  1. What is a tsantsa?

rapid fire quiz

  1. What is the greatest number of gallstones ever removed from a human?
  1. What animal did the first conservation law in South Africa protect?
  1. Where was the first international cricket match hosted?
  1. How many houseflies would you need to lift a human off the ground?

rapid fire quiz

How many of these questions could you answer? For the right answers, see below.


Answers. (Tip: The answer you’ll need to win the competition can be found here)

  1. Answer: BasenjiScience considers the Basenji the oldest dog breed, but there are those who argue with that fact. Since it can’t be properly established exactly when man first domesticated dogs, it might actually be husky.
  2. Answer. PainterCarpaccio was a Venetian painter, active in the 15th and 16th century. He used a lot of red in his art, which is the obvious link with raw meat.
  3. Answer: 19 holesThe holes are there to release steam during the baking process. A number of holes depends on the country it’s sold in, with 19 being the global average.
  4. Answer: DenmarkThis particular flag has been in use since 15 June 1219.
  5.  Answer: 600kgIn order to stop a bullet from reaching the vital organs, a person would have to have a layer of fat 72cm thick around his body.
  6. Answer: A shrunken headHeads were traditionally shrunk to be used as trophies, in rituals, or for trading purposes.
  7. Answer: 11950The previous record stood at just under 4000. The record-breaking procedure was performed in 2015.
  8. Answer: PenguinAround 1668, a law was passed that stated that no person may eat more than ½ a penguin per day.
  9. Answer: New YorkThe match took place in 1844. It was between teams from the USA and Canada. Canada won by 23 runs.
  10. Answer: 4989542The average housefly can lift about 10mg.

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