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Five Must-have Gifts for Mother’s Day

Five Must-have Gifts for Mother’s Day

The first thing you want to get in preparation for Mother’s Day is the gift.

With so many things on offer in stores, and a whole world wide web to shop on, this may seem daunting, but in the hope of making it seem less intimidating, we’ve made a list of five things every mother will love.

1. Flowers

Seen as a cliche by some, but there’s definitely a reason why flowers always feature on these kinds of lists. Start looking around for flowers early and you’ll be able to get something a lot more special than the average wilted specials at the local supermarket.

This lovely bouquet is available at Netflorist.

2. Spa Vouchers

Being a mom comes with a lot of stress. Help your mom get rid of said stress by giving her a voucher for some expert pampering. Various spas are available across South Africa. Here’s one if you live in Johannesburg.

3. Fitbit Charge 2

Any active mom will love the latest heart rate and fitness accessory. The Fitbit monitors the heart, tracks the GPS location of the activity and tracks a person for a whole day – even when they sleep. Reminders are sent to a connected smartphone to help any mum get the most out of their exercise routine.

4. Taurus Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Let’s just be clear about one thing. It’s never okay to give your mom a vacuum cleaner for any kind of celebration, but we’ll make an exception for the Taurus.

With this nifty little gadget in the house, you’re mom will never have to vacuum again. It just needs to be recharged and it will do rest all by itself.


5. Gas Heater

Winter is around the corner and since we can’t really use electric heaters in South Africa, we recommend a gas heater. Do it properly and also buy your mom a good book she can read while she relaxes in front of this makeshift fireplace.

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