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Nature buff? We’ll see about that…

Nature buff? We’ll see about that…
How much do you know about the natural world? Take this quiz challenge from award-winning travel writer and naturalist, Don Pinnock.

About “Wild as it Gets”

What’s your cat up to when you’re not around? Do dragons exist? Are clouds alive? Why did three men risk their lives for a single penguin egg?

These are just a few of the questions and stories puzzled over by award-winning travel writer and naturalist Don Pinnock. Assembled from years of wandering around Africa, this is a funny, entertaining and thought-provoking book.

Praise for “Wild as it Gets”

‘This book will convince you that if we remove the wild places from our hearts, we will wilt and die’ – Kingsley Holgate

‘Makes science read like a thriller’ – Justin Fox

‘Instantly engrossing’ – Mike Nicol

About the author, Don Pinnock

Don Pinnock, former editor of Getaway magazine, is also a criminologist who co-drafted the Youth Justice White Paper for the ANC government. He is among South Africa’s top experts on gangsterism and wrote the seminal book on the topic called The Brotherhoods: Street Gangs and State Control, Gangs, Rituals and Rites of Passage, which caused quite a stir when it was published in 1984. Pinnock is a specialist in adolescent deviance and founder of Usiko, a rehabilitation organisation for high-risk youths.


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