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Want to buy a house? Here’s your step-by-step guide

Want to buy a house? Here’s your step-by-step guide

Planning on buying a house but not sure how to go about it? This guide will show you how to buy your dream home.

Step 1: Get your bucks in a row

  • Make sure that your credit score is healthy.
  • save for a deposit
  • assess what you can afford
  • budget for additional costs
  • get home loan pre-qualification

STEP 2: Homing in on your new house

Know what your budget is.

Here is a handy list of 12 things to keep in mind while house hunting.

Decide what you want to buy. This guide explains sectional title and freehold.

STEP 3: Home loan know-how

Info financial institutions need from you

Financial institutions (like banks) will need to know whether you will be able to afford a bond.

The deposit and other costs

Banks require a deposit of between 10% and 30%, but you still need to budget for the other costs

STEP 4: Doing the deal

Before you decide to put in an offer to purchase on a home, you need to be very sure that you want the property. A signed OTP is a legally binding contract.

Before putting in an offer, answer these questions:  

STEP 5: The Legal Aspects

Most of the documentation will be handled by attorneys, but it is still necessary for you to understand what you are signing, so be sure to ask questions.

This article explains the conveyancing process clearly.

STEP 6: Moving tips

Stuck on the best way to get from A to B? Just follow these steps. 

  • Get rid of everything you don’t want through selling or donating items.
  • Book a (reputable) moving service well in advance
  • Remember to mark your boxes so you know what goes where!
  • Pack and unpack only one room at a time.
  • Clean your new home before you move in

Help when you need it

The Private Property app is here to help! Just download the app from your app store and you can: receive listings instantly through your personalised feed and find your next home quickly and painlessly. Whether you are a first-time buyer or experienced investor – this is just the app for you.


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