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Wildflower Spotting Update

Wildflower Spotting Update

Our weekly flower update is here. Find out where to view specific flowers.


*Please note pictures are not replicas of current bloomers.


Location of flowers: Boskloof; Vrede Oord Cemetery; Ramskop Nature Garden; N7 direction Klawer; R364 direction Lamberts Bay; Ou Klawer pad via Nardouwsberg and Pakhuis Pass.

Type of flowers: Rainflowers; Daisies; Vygies; Clanwilliam Daisies; Senecio arenarius; Umbrella flowers; Pietsnotjies; Ridderspoor; Vygiebush; Perdebos

They are a boutique excursion operator that offers electric mountain bike tours throughout the Cederberg this flower season. For further infomation or to book a tour please email [email protected] or book online at www.naturesplayground.co.za.


Location of flowers: All the empty plots around Velddrif. Bergrivier Golf course, Vygielaan, Velddrif. On the road to Piketberg. On the shoulders of the R27.

Type of flowers: Babiane, Kantblomme, Wild Chamomile, cornflowers, Feëklokkies, Bobbejaankool, Weeskindertjies, Vyfpondbos, Wit Daisies, Oranje bitter Gousblom, Duinebessie, Geel Hongerblom, Pers kantblommetjies, Biddouw, Kinkelbos, Ghoebos, Gansogies, Geel Melkbosse




Location of flowers: Postberg, West Coast National Park. Langebaan Gate to Geelbek. Oostewal & Sunbird Drive. Langebaan Town / Langebaan Country Estate. Myburgh Park, Oliphantskop. Road to Geelbek and Kraalbaai. Kraalbaai to Tjaarbank. Road between Saldanha and Langebaan. Langebaan Park gate to Seeberg. Postberg Gate left to Plankiesbaai.

Type of flowers: Suring (Yellow & Pink Flower)Reenblommetjies (White) Orange Gousblom. Sukkelbossie. Sporrie. Geel Hongerblom. Harpuisbos. Blombos. Kapokbossie. Strand Sallie. Bietou. Vygies. Bobbejaankool. Geelmelkbos. Froetang. Pietsnot. Vygies. Kapokbossie. Bloubekkie. Varklelie
Vygiebos (Purple) Blouflaks.

**WEST COAST NATIONAL PARK: Postberg open until 30 September!!! TEL: 022 772 2144
  Entrance Fees:
  South African Adult Citizens – R60 / Kids under 12 – R30
  International Tourist R123 per adult / Kids under 12 – R64
**Open Week: 14 – 18 September FREE entry for South African Citizens!!
   (Bring ID Book)


Location of flowers: In town on vacant plots. Next to Soutriver in town
Langebaanweg (R45)Next to roadside from Bloemendal farm to R27. Plaasmol (R45) 5km outside Hopefield. Gravel road between Langebaanweg and Cloeteskraal. Next to the road at the entrane of the farm Sandvlei
Road between R45 and Moorreesburg (R311) Next to Library. At Hopefield. Sports Grounds. Entrance to town from R45 via Church Street

Type of flowers:

Wit Reënblommetjies (Daisies) Orange Gousblomme, Geel Bobbejaantjie, Pienk en Geel surings


Location of flowers: Surroundings of Jacobsbaai

Type of flowers: Kleinkruid. Bietou. Soetkop dikblaar. Ossierrapuis. Hongerblom. Reënblommetjies. Gousblom. Sorrel.Varkoor. Bokbaaivygie. Westcoast Daisy. Blue Pypie. Elandsvydveld gousblom) Oxalis compressa (baster suuring) Grielum humifusum (pietsnot) Chrysanthemoides monilifera (bietou) Eriocephalus africanus (kapokbossie) Jordaaniell dubia (kruipvygie)Dorotheanthus bellidiformis (bokbaai vygie)

St Helena Bay

Location of flowers: MAIN ROAD/BRITANNIA BAY/DUYKER. EILAND/DA GAMA MONUMENT. Brittanica Heights. Roadside coming into St. Helena and in the village Veld, roadsie and hills between Stompneus and Brittania Bay. SHELLEY POINT

Type of flowers: Zantedeschia aethiopica (varkblom)Dimorphotheca. pluvialis (reenblommetjie) Arctotis hirsuta (gousblom) Arctotis breviscapa (sandveld gousblom) Oxalis compressa (baster suuring) Grielum humifusum (pietsnot) Chrysanthemoides monilifera (bietou) Eriocephalus africanus (kapokbossie) Jordaaniell dubia (kruipvygie) Dorotheanthus bellidiformis (bokbaai vygie)


Location of flowers: On smallholding Pelgrimsrust before entering town. Bekbaai. Cape Columbine Nature Reserve

Type of flowers: Slymbos. Surings. Kattekruie. Bobbejaankool. Bokbaai Vygie. Sand Viooltjie. White Rain Daisy. Gousblom. Bruinsalie. Poprosies. Various Veldkool. Bont Leeubekkie. Baster suring. Rolbos Kool. Vredenburg Froetang. Seepampoen. Koringblommetjie. Vygie. Elandsvy


Location of flowers: From Blue Bay Lodge, drive into Camp Street on way to town, pass Saldanha Holiday Resort Diazville SAS Saldanha Nature Reserve – Between Malgaskop and Moresonkop. Drive between Langebaan and Saldanha.

Type of flowers: White Rain Daisies. Gousblom. Suring. Piempiempies. Pienk Froetang. Saldanha Piempie. Silwer Lewertjie. Wilde Malva


Location of flowers: R45 exits from town towards Paternoster, Saldanha and Velddrif. Between Hopefield and Vredenburg pass. Fossil Park Juffroushoogte guest Farm. Windstone R45

Type of flowers: Gousblomme (Orange and Yellow) White Rain Daisy. Surings. Arum Lillies. Gousblomme. Vygies.



Still very early especially after this dry early winter but after some good rains and the recent warm days we’re predicting that the flowers will come quickly. Predictions are that the early season and late season flowers will merge.

Location of flowers: Darling Renosterveld Reserve (Access at top of village behind the Darling Primary School or lower down gate in Langfontein street); also on the plot just below this reserve on Petunia Street
!Khwa ttu San Cultural & Education Centre
Groote Post Vineyards – Darling Hills Road.

Type of flowers: Renosterveld – Gladiolus gracilis – early blou pypie; small showing of yellow Moraea galaxia (horlosieblom); early Spiloxene (yellow sterretjies); pink and white oxalis; lampranthus (vygie), arums and struthiola
!Khwa ttu – Sandlelie (veltheimia) and rooipypie (gladiolus priorii)
Groote Post – mostly arum lilies, daisies starting to come through.

Groote Post Vineyards
Our nature walk is open daily.  Visitors can sign in at the tasting room where they will be given a map of the route.We also do the farm (flower) drives still at R170 pp and R75 for kids under 3 free.
Enquiries 022 492 2825


Klawer & Trawal

Location of flowers: Along the N7 – yellow,orange and white daisies – fields. Along the N7, Trawal Cellars and Kransburg – yellow and white daisies – fields. Along the N7 from Trawal Truck In to bridge – yellow and white daisies – fields. On the winding road between Vredendal and Klawer –  yellow,white daises fields ,pink vygies – fields.

Strandfontein & Doringbaai

Location of flowers:

On road R362 from Lutzville towards Strandfontein and Doringbaai – white,orange and yellow daisies – patches.Yellow perdebos  – patches
In Strandfontein around town – yellow and white daisies – fields

Vanrhynsdorp & Hardeveld

Location of flowers: On the R27 between Vredendal and Vanrhynsdorp – white,yellow and orange daisies – fields. On R27 (Kobee road) – daisies,surings,geelmelkbos and sigaretvygies – patches. Lankverwacht Farm –  wilderoosmaryn,Hongerblomme en Beesvygies – patches. Maskam Guest farm – daisies, veldkool, bobbejaantjies, sporries, varkslaai, froetangs – fields
( flower routes can be done on the farm) Urionskraal road – Vanrhynsdorp -orange daisies – fields. On N7 between Klawer and Vanrhynsdorp – white,yellow and orange daisies – fields. Brand se Baai – yellow and orange daisies, fields. Lepelsfontein – white,yellow and orange daisies – fields. Brand se Baai – white,yellow and orange daisies – fields. Molsvlei – white,yellow and orange daisies – fields. Nuwerus area – white,yellow and orange daisies – fields.

Vredendal & Lutzville

Location of flowers:
On road R362 from  Vredendal towards Lutzville – white,yellow and orange daisies – fields. R362 in Vredendal area –  white,yellow and orange daisies – fields. On the winding road between Vredendal and Klawer –  pink vygies – patches, white,yellow and orange daisies – fields. Bultweg in Vredendal – white,yellow and orange daisies – fields.

Succulent Show – Kokerboom Nursery
August – September 2015
Open 08:00 – 17:30, 7 days a week
Christene – 027219 1062


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