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A Not-So Traditional Christmas Menu

A Not-So Traditional Christmas Menu
We’ve jazzed up your standard Christmas menu with our favourite dishes with South African flair.

Roasts, Christmas puddings and prawn cocktails are all dishes made for a traditional Christmas menu targeted at a cold and snowy winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Here, however, our Christmas is full of sunshine and perfect summer days. Sometimes eating a smattering of roasts and vegetables might be the last thing you want to do on Christmas day when it’s 30℃ in the shade, which is why we’ve put together this Not-So Traditional Christmas Menu.


If you’re a stickler for tradition, then take a look at our Traditional Christmas Menu.


Vetkoek with Lamb and Hummus

Start your Christmas lunch on the right foot with these moreish Vetkoek with Lamb and Hummus balls, but don’t have too many – there’s still mains and dessert.

Quick and Easy Mezze Platter

Don’t want to spend hours preparing a starter when we all know that mains are, well, the main event? Then serve up a Mezze Platter to save yourself some time.

Homemade Flatbread with Tabbouleh and Hummus

This Homemade Flatbread recipe can stand on its own with some dips like tabbouleh and hummus, or can be added to your mezze platter.

Pumpkin and Ginger Soup

Yes, this Pumpkin and Ginger Soup can definitely be served cold. It’ll make for a refreshing appetiser while you ready your mains.


Biltong Gratinated Potatoes

Potatoes are a Christmas staple and our executive chef Jaco Grové of Creation has added a unique South African twist to a potato gratin.

Christmas Spiced Red Cabbage

The Wonderbag has proven time and time again that it is a must-have for every home. If you’re not sure how versatile it is, then give their Christmas Spiced Red Cabbage a try.

Zesty 5-Bean Salad

What is a South African lunch without a bean salad? No lunch at all, so be sure to add this 5-Bean Salad to your menu.

Grilled Red Onion Salad

Add a taste of the braai to your salad with this Grilled Red Onion recipe from Jean Nel’s Braai the Beloved Country.


Braaied Seafood Skewers

Get out of the kitchen and outside by the braai with these Braaied Seafood Skewers from chef Justine Suntah of Tintswalo Atlantic.

Snoek and Summer Peaches

Fish is a great alternative to a heavy roast, so rather give this Snoek and Summer Peaches recipe a go from Food & Home Entertaining: A Year of Seasonal Dishes.

Nut-Stuffed Mushrooms

This Nut-Stuffed Mushrooms recipe will not only have the vegetarians at the table licking their lips, but the meat-eaters too.

Festive Rolled Beef Roast

If you simply can’t do without the roast, then we recommend you try this Wonderbag Festive Rolled Beef Roast recipe. Once it’s in the Wonderbag, you can forget about it for the next few hours and return to your festive family activities.


Amarula Crème Brûlée

We have no doubt that this Amarula Crème Brûlée from award-winning chef Jackie Cameron will be a hit with your guests.

Berry, Basil and Mint Sorbet

Sarah Graham’s Berry, Basil and Mint Sorbet will make for a refreshing end to your Christmas feast.

Vegan Chocolate-Chia Pudding

Don’t leave out your vegan guests with this easy and yet oh so delicious Chocolate-Chia Pudding that everyone will love.

Moerkoffie Stout Mousse

Tuck into a serving of this boozy chocolate mousse this festive season.

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