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Delish Sisters Making Waves

Delish Sisters Making Waves
Rebecca and Kate Lund of Delish Sisters in Salt Rock, KwaZulu-Natal are making waves in the food world. They sit down for a chat with Andrea Abbott…

Pictures: Craig Scott

_cs_06491. What food plant can you not do without?

Kate: Lemon. I use it as a seasoning along with salt and pepper – it adds freshness and always lifts a dish.

Rebecca: Ginger – it gives any dish a punch.

2. If you could choose any luxury kitchen appliance or utensil, what would it be?

Both: – Thermomix.

“It’s a food processor that blends, cooks, weighs, steams, mills grains into flour, grinds coffee beans, crushes ice, kneads dough and just about thinks for you,” says Kate.

3. Which chef would you like to invite to dinner?

Kate: Bill Granger. I love his style of food and he always looks like he throws such fun parties after he’s cooked up a storm.

Rebecca: The Hemsley Sisters in England. They’ve made a huge impact on the food industry over the past few years. I’m inspired by what they’ve achieved with their column in Vogue magazine, their recipe books and their show on BBC television.

4. What is always in your fridge at home?

_cs_0136Rebecca: Actually our fridge is quite empty because we mostly eat in our restaurant. But I like to make sure there’s always some delicious Cheddar cheese, peanut butter, and a beautiful rosé wine.

Kate: Mainly mezze food like hummus, olives, cheese that we can snack on.

5. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Kate: Recently, I had lunch at a top restaurant in the Midlands and the chef did a squid dish that included blobs of squid ink. It was weird – a thick, gooey black substance that was quite disturbing and had little taste.

Rebecca: In primary school we used to have a regular market day. Two sisters (not us) had a sort of fear factor stand and they would go into the bush and come back with things like mopane worms. I tried them once only.

6. What has been your biggest success?

Both: Delish Sisters!

“We began by trying our luck at markets and now we have our own restaurant,” says Kate.

7. Biggest flop?

Kate: We’ve had quite a few because we experiment a lot. A memorable one was the first time we tried to make mushroom ravioli after we bought a pasta-making machine. We couldn’t have sealed the pockets properly because all the filling leaked out and we just had empty pasta pockets.

Rebecca: We were making a Middle Eastern omelette one day but it turned out like a scrambled egg. But we built on that mistake and now we do a delicious omelette scramble with haloumi, spinach, herbs and za’atar spice.

_cs_03098. When pressed for time…?

Both: Ready-made gnocchi with blue cheese and spinach sauce. Pop it into the oven for half an hour and it’s delicious. And foolproof.

9. What’s going to be on your Christmas table at home this year?

Kate: Home is Mtubatuba and it’s really hot there so we’ll have a light seafood dish and a litchi cocktail made from the litchis growing in the garden.

Rebecca: Christmas is also mango time and Mtubatuba is mango country so we’ll have a layered dessert of mango, Greek yogurt and treacle sugar.

10. Favourite summer flavours?

Rebecca: Whole baked fish with herbs and lemon and home-made salsa verde.

Kate: Litchis, mangos. There’s nothing better than a mango lassi.

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