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Getting to know Stewart Tee

Getting to know Stewart Tee

Chef Stewart Tee is the master at Marina Wharf in Jefferey’s Bay. He happens to be Gordon Ramsay accredited and loves creating classic French dishes with a contemporary twist.

We decided to pick his brain and find out what makes Marina Wharf one of the most spoken about restaurants in the Eastern Cape.


What can you not live without in your kitchen? A sharp knife, food, salt and pepper.

Do you have a favourite restaurant? Osteria Francescana, I’ve never been there but it’s my dream to go.

Do you have a fantasy food holiday destination? France, Italy and Thailand.

Where do you get inspiration from? Do you have a cookbook Bible? From the mouths of Massimo Bottura and Heston Blummentaal, and my “Bible” is Larousse Gastonimique.

What would your last supper be? Grilled Wagyu Rib-eye steak topped with seared foie gras, classic gratin douphinois & braised veg, with a splash of red wine jus, or Massimo Bottura’s psychedelic veal fillet.

What food trends of the moment do you absolutely love and why? The new style called sous vide is really good, due to the fact of it keeping all the flavour locked into the meat

When it comes to creativity in the kitchen, what advice would you give novices? When making a dish try balance all the flavours, eg. sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Also balance texture and remember it might taste good for you, but not to anyone else, therefor balance is the key.

Fresh ingredients are important in your cooking. Do you have a favourite? My favourite herb is Thyme, favourite fruit is raspberry and my favourite spice is Cumin.

Have you ever discovered a brilliant new way to make something as a result of a flop? What was it? I once split a traditional butter sauce & used corn flour to thicken it, and it actually worked!

When last did you have a takeaway and what was it? One week ago, Mc Donalds.

Best farmers market? Root Farm & Deli

Favourite Drink? Jack Black Pale Ale

To see what Marina Wharf is all about view this video: 




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