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Meet the Goats who Love Boeremusiek

Words and images by Gerhard Uys

Geluksfontein goat farm is right between Modimole and Vaalwater and is of course, a must-stop. On this small goat cheese farm lies a dozen musically in tune goats who eat, sleep and milk better when listening to the right sounds. And they just so happen to love boeremusiek, 80s classics, and smooth ballads.

When in Geluksfontein, buy the cheesecake, eat it, and then buy some take away cheese cake, it’s from goats’ milk and is healthy. So do it for your health!


What to do around in Vaalwater and Modimolle

Except for camping and photo safaris there isn’t always an array of activities to take part in in the Vaalwater, Modimolle area. But those with the outdoor lifestyle pumping in their blood would appreciate a number of products that the road there has to offer.

Nothing says Bosveld like good braai wood.


If you’re coming from the N1 and you are just about to enter Modimolle, keep your eyes open for a vendor at the right side of the road that always sells firewood. The firewood goes for R8 a bag, much better than the over R20 one pays in town. A lot of avid braaiers fill up their entire boot with wood when they pass through. And like all good bosveld wood this is wood that burns for hours and makes coals that will still be warm, and fast to catch fire, again in the morning after a braai.

Make sure to stop for avos and oranges.


The oranges and avocadoes are sourced from from nearby farms and have not been on a truck for days. They are sometimes also of export quality, so slam on you brakes and buy a bag or carton! Just beware, oranges out of season are not always of the best quality.

Also keep your eyes open for 15 or so bright pink and blue signs that says things like biltong, droeewors, or best price

The brightly painted signs assures you that the stall you are about to stop at is the place to buy any form of dried meat or game meat pies from. And if you happen to pass, the ag jy’s verby, (oh no you drove by) and ‘so sorry’ signs will maybe force you to turn back. The real padstal vibe is great, and a much better stop than any garage.

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