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National Green Peppers day

National Green Peppers day

Hip Pepper Hooray – It’s Green Pepper Day.

Time to celebrate everything about these sweet peppers that were once regarded as the bland, inferior and rather boring cousins of the chilli peppers. Not so today – they’re among the world’s most popular vegetables.


10 tips to grow the best sweet peppers

  • Make sure the garden bed get 6 hours of sunshine.
  • Protect it from wind. It’s a good idea to stake each pepper when you plant it.
  • Dig in plenty of compost – there’s never too much.
  • Add a little lime to the soil if yours is acidic.
  • Germinate your peppers in damp riversand in a warm spot that is out of direct sun.
  • When you’ve transplanted them and they’re about 10cm in height, pinch out the top set of leaves to encourage bushiness.
  • They are excellent container plants but always apply a mulch.
  • A good watering twice a week will prevent the blossoms from falling.
  • As soon as peppers reach a size that is edible they can be picked, or they can be left on the plant to turn yellow or red, becoming sweeter and richer in vitamin C with age.
  • They last for about ten days in the fridge and can be frozen in plastic or an airtight container.


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