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Grow your own Cucumbers

Grow your own Cucumbers
Ever thought of growing your own cucumbers (cucumis sativa)? With the summer rains, now is the best time of the year to grow your own cucumbers…

cucumber-1309564_1920Baby cucumbers make a wonderful pickle with coriander leaves, mint and fennel seeds.

How to Grow Cucumbers
  1. Start all the cucumbers off in separate little pots – sow 3 seeds in each and keep them moist and in a protected area until big enough to handle.
  2. Then gradually move them out into full sun, increasing the length of time daily until they are strong and vigorous.
  3. Remove the little plant from the pots and prepare holes for them  – dig deeply and fill with good, well matured compost. Fill the hole with water so that you can sink the little plant directly into the water in the hole.
  4. Now fill in with more soil, and make a small dam around each, so that you can gently run the hosepipe into the little dam each day to establish it well.
  5. Thereafter water 3 times a week – the rewards will be great.
Margaret Roberts’ Top Tips
  • Since the little cucumbers are so prolific it is well worth sowing a few seeds along a fence where they can climb.
  • Watch the bright yellow flowers as the voracious rose beetles love them in the summer months, and protect them with little paper bags.
  • I hang strips of tinfoil and old CD disks along the fence to frighten the birds away when the new little fruits form.
  • Little coverings of white plant “fleece” placed over the buds of flowers and ripening fruits will keeps birds and beetles out (but not light), so the plant grows well.
  • Grow chives as a companion plant, or spring onions, or our easy and prolific garlic chives (Tulbaghia violacea) as a protection against aphids. In this way you’ll have a prolific crop.
Health Benefits of Cucumbers

fullsizerenderCucumbers in the diet are an excellent source of Silica. Silica in the diet is so valuable for the connective tissue of the brain, as well as for the strength of the body. It acts like an intercellular “cement” for muscles, tendons, brain cells, cartilage and even the bones.

Eating a cucumber salad daily is an excellent diuretic – that is why slimmers love it with celery and lettuce as a salad, with lemon juice as a dressing.

Cucumber also clears uric acid flow from the body, so this eases arthritic joints and stiffness. Cucumber also helps prevent kidney stone formation, flushing out toxins.

Cucumber eases digestion too, and clears general acidity in the body.

Isn’t cucumber a jewel? Grow it today…

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Words: Margaret Roberts

Styling: Sandy Roberts

Pictures: Sandy Roberts and Supplied

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