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Meet the Impossible Burger

Meet the Impossible Burger

Look at the images above and below.

Would you believe us if we told you that these hamburgers are 100% cow free? Those delicious looking red pieces of meat contain zero beef, or any other meat for that matter. It’s the result of five years of research by scientists, farmers and chefs.

The company behind this burger is called Impossible Foods. It did not want to create just another vegetarian burger, but an actual replacement for the traditional meat variety. As such it studied pragmatic burgers for five years in the hopes of recreating everything that makes the humble burger so popular. This includes the look, taste, smell, texture and sound of an old-fashioned hamburger.

The Impossible Foods burger is made of all-natural ingredients, including wheat, coconut oil and potatoes. The secret ingredient is called heme/haem, which is one of the most compounds on earth. The scientists, farmers and chefs discovered that it was this very compound that makes meat smell, taste, bleed and sizzle like it does.

impossible burger

This may well be the ultimate guilt-free burger. It’s good for you, won’t clog up the arteries and it uses less of the Earth’s resources to make. Impossible Foods claims that it uses 95% less land, 74% less water and cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 87%. It’s also hormone, antibiotic and artificial ingredient free.

The Impossible Burger is currently being rolled out in a variety of high-end restaurants in the USA, which will probably be the toughest audience it will ever face.

If it wins them over, who knows? We might even see this burger locally.

impossible burger

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