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Padkos Ideas for Your Next Roadtrip

Padkos Ideas for Your Next Roadtrip

To help with your roadtrip prep, we thought we’d put together a list of treats for your long journey.

Rather than stopping at every petrol port for a snack or a meal, prep a food hamper to help keep you and the travel companions watered and fed during the long haul journey. Even if you’re not a fan of stopping at every padstal, just remember to take a break every couple of hours to stay alert on the roads.

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1. Easy Chocolate Fudge

We never promised to provide you with healthy treats for your journey, which is why we have no problem starting our list off with some chocolate fudge.

This easy chocolate fudge recipe is on our list of padkos ideas

2. Healthy Raw Energy Balls

Just to balance things out, we’ve added these raw energy balls to our list.

These healthy raw energy balls are on our list of padkos ideas

3. No-bake Protein Breakfast Bars

Oats are a pantry staple and can be turned into exciting treats like these no-bake protein bars.

Enjoy this no-bake breakfast bars recipe as it makes for a great padkos ideas suggestion

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4. Peanut Butter Biscuits

We can’t say no to peanut butter which is why these biscuits are on our list.

We've added these peanut butter biscuits to our padkos ideas list

5. Black Bean Brownies

Yes, you read that correctly. Black beans make for a great substitute in baking. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.

Our padkos ideas list had to include these black bean brownies

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6. Quick Seed Loaf

Sandwiches are a padkos stable, so why not make your own bread for the road? Thankfully there’s no rising time in this seed loaf recipe, so when we say ‘quick’ we really mean it.

We've added this healthy seed loaf to our list of padkos ideas.

7. Biltong Pâté

Biltong is another road trip favourite, so we thought this pâté smeared on a couple of crackers can only make the journey that much better.

We think you'll enjoy these padkos ideas list especially if there's biltong pate.

8. Pickled Jalapeno Bites

The cooking time on these bites is 8 minutes. Can it get any easier?

These jalapeno bites are on our list of padkos ideas

9. Oat Bites

Whip these oat bites up the night before your trip and you’ll be able to have breakfast on the road.

Our padkos ideas list includes these tasty oat bites.


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