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Q&A: Country Chef Beate Joubert

Q&A: Country Chef Beate Joubert

MWhitehead_Beate-20Just outside Barrydale, in the Tradouw Valley, Beate Joubert gives authentic boerekos a Mediterranean twist. We got to know her a little better.

1. Name two food trends that get you excited?

I am not into trends very much. I like to create trends or new ways of eating that put less stress on myself and focus on the ‘the less is more’ approach to fresh ingredients speaking for themselves. I try not to fiddle too much alfresco style. I also enjoy traditional or authentic cooking with what is fresh and available at a given time in your area, with a bit of a Mediterranean twist or French cooking with sauces and taste sensations.

2. Best cooking advice from your mother or grandmother?

Never try to impress anyone with your cooking or try to be pretentious, as everyone enjoys real wholesome, authentic food from the earth!

3. Main cooking mistakes novices make?

Trying too hard, creating dishes that are not authentic; killing the true elements of food by adding too much spice or twists. It’s like making wine: everything has to be in balance.

4. Your biggest flop?

Participating in a reality food show!

5. Must-have kitchen ingredients you wouldn’t be without?

A good griddle pan and a beautiful apron.

6. When last did you have a takeaway and what was it?

I love a good shwarma or wrap (a week ago).

7. Best farmer’s market?

In Perpignan in the south of France.

8. Favourite tipple?

An ice-cold glass of Joubert-Tradauw barrel-fermented Chardonnay (truly).

9. All-time favourite restaurant?

Oh, so many! In South Africa: Rust and Vrede outside restaurant or my Alfresco Deli at Joubert-Tradauw; In the Napa valley: Tra vigne Italian restaurant in St Helena or the French Laundry in Rutherford.

10. What would you order for your last supper?

A creamy sepp risotto with lots of Parmesan or a very good Caesar salad like you’ll find in ‘Taste the Little Karoo’ or foie gras on fresh ciabata.


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