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3 Ride-Well Recipes

3 Ride-Well Recipes
Good and tasty. That’s the sort of food that us keen cyclists covet. We’re all keen on getting the nutrition we need, but we’re not professional racers, so we like to jazz it up a tad.

Here are some fun ideas Food & Home Entertaining magazine has given #CountryCyclist / #CountryRunner Ian Macleod to splash a little life into the eating guide his Cycle Lab dietitian worked out for him.

Supper: Grilled chicken breast with wild rice, broccoli and tomato-olive salsa

An incredibly healthy dinner meal, packed with protein. Add a few baby leaf spinach leaves and almonds for extra protein.

Lunch: Quinoa, sweet potato and apple salad

Make a large portion of this and eat it over 3 or so days for lunch each day. Just keep it refrigerated. And add the dressing fresh each time you serve yourself a portion (don’t let it sit in the dressing over the 3 days- so just change the steps 4, 5 & 6 to suit you). This one has a few steps to it but all the ingredients work nicely together.

Quinoa salad

Breakfast: Bananacado smoothie

This is a great breakfast shake to start a busy day. Perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle.Bananacado smoothie

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