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Bella of the Braai

Bella of the Braai

Bella-Braai-ProfileWhile Heritage Day probably means different things to all of us, many South Africans have adopted the ‘Braai Day’ interpretation. We’ve gone to our archives to find some of our best braai recipes to inspire you. Here we look at extracts of the Isabella Niehaus feature from last year.

Words Diana Wemyss Pictures Johan Wilke

The baai has always been considered the preserve of the South African male, but women are muscling in, and proving that they too can braai, and with a lot more than a dash of style.

“I think only in pictures,” says West Coast cook Isabella Niehaus, whose seafront house, Huis op die Duin in Langebaan, has become a choice spot for great lunches with a view. “I might not know how much sage will go on the fish, but I know exactly what the meal is going to look like.”

It is not surprising that Isabella, or Bella as she is known to her friends, places such emphasis on a meal looking good. For 25 years she was the stylist or fashion editor of a host of South African publications.

“I grew up on a farm in the then Orange Free State where there were always cooks in the kitchen,” says Bella. “My mother would encourage them to teach me to cook, but all I ever learnt back then was how to make pumpkin fritters. I was mocked mercilessly by those wonderfully capable women. ‘You are going to be a grown woman with a family and the only thing you’ll be able to cook is pumpkin fritters,’ they used to say.”

Bell adds, “Food only grabbed me in my forties,” but, as with anything she turns her hand to, the results are not only outstanding but all-consuming…

Recipe 1: Oven-roasted Tomatoes



2. Stumpnose with Sage and Lemon

Braai-Sweet-Potatoes-Recipe3. Roasted Veggies



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