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RECIPE: Cured Duck Breast with Parsnip

RECIPE: Cured Duck Breast with Parsnip

The full name of this recipe should be Cured Duck Breast with Parsnip, Hazelnut Butter, Whisky Jus and Shiitake Chips, because while both more accurate than the constrained headline name, it is also so thorough it makes your mouth drool by the end of the sentence.

A speciality developed by Carolize Coetzee from the Tokara restaurant at the top of the picturesque Helshoogte Pass in Stellenbosch, this is a treat that’s perfect for any anniversary or special occasion, and you shouldn’t be put off by the fact that it’s duck. Many people express reservations about cooking this highly fatty meat expecting a kitchen full of smoke, and then a dry husk of meat at the end, but given the source, anyone who follows the recipe exactly will come out the other side ready to astound their guests.

Naturally, Coetzee advises one pair it with the Tokara Limited Release Pinotage 2016, a lighter-bodied red that won’t completely dominate the duck but will stand its ground with the Parsnip, Hazelnut and most importantly Whisky Jus.

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