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Potluck Boskombuis

Potluck Boskombuis

Potluck Boskombuis, Graskop, 073 705 4734

Review by: Mignon van Zyl

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It was a warm day and we were exploring the small town of Graskop. Prior to this, I was particularly interested in visiting a restaurant outside town, called Potluck Boskombuis. The information online at that stage was scarce and included only the directions (‘follow the road to Bourke’s Luck Potholes and look for a sign that says Real South African Food’) and something about cold beer. So we set off along the R533 and after about 26km turned off at the sign.

What the internet didn’t tell us, we soon discovered: Potluck Boskombuis is a Lowveld gem that needs to be revealed. On a private farm, this restaurant is the epitome of authenticity: wooden tables and tree stumps for seating, tin plates and mugs for crockery and beautiful views of the gentle Treur River and surrounding bushveld. Add to this hearty food cooked on log fires in an open-air kitchen (as there’s no electricity).

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The Boskombuis was built by Graskop forester Daan de Klerk who used to picnic in this spot as a child. Later, he decided to build a home here for close friends to keep him company during his lonely winter months on the farm. Although going public was never part of the plan, today Boskombuis is the talk of the town, with rave reviews.

The menu is simple and includes South African favourites such as boerewors (R80), T-bone steak (R120) and potjiekos (R85), with traditional mieliepap, sheba and vegetables. There’s also a vegetarian bake (R70) and chicken kebabs (R85) for those not fond of red meat. We especially enjoyed the locally sourced boerewors which was cooked to perfection and served in generous portions.

After our meal, we whiled away the afternoon, drinking Savanna from our tin mugs, skipping stones on the river and simply enjoying the state of total relaxation the place induces. Since our visit, the Boskombuis’ online profile, on-site facilities and menu have been updated and improved. I hear they now have craft beer and dessert, the perfect addition to an already perfect place. We can’t wait to go back.

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