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Sage Café, Salt Rock

Sage Café, Salt Rock

Andrea Abbott uncovers culinary delights on the North Coast

Sage Café and Deli, Salt Rock, 032 525 8059

Tucked away from the main drag in Salt Rock and just a couple of kilometres from the beachfront, Sage Café is a relaxed, family-oriented venue and an absolute gem. We arrived on a midweek day in low season expecting to find the place half empty, but Sage was humming, the only unoccupied tables reserved. We hovered, our hope rewarded when a table in the gravelled courtyard was vacated.


Sage’s menu is extensive and the dishes contemporary. A big plus is the imaginative fare for vegetarians. That dreaded staple, vegetable lasagne, doesn’t even feature. Give the chef a medal.

The sage aubergine stack (R56) grabbed my attention and I ordered it without reading the description: layers of grilled aubergine, provolone cheese and fresh tomato, served on a bed of rocket, topped with Parma ham, marinated Danish feta and drizzled with basil and sundried tomato pesto. So when I saw those strips of pig I had only myself to blame.

But never mind, John is always up for a bit of bacon and it apparently didn’t clash with the Tagliatelle Alfredo (R56) that he said was very good. It always surprises me when he chooses pasta over something like chicken breast stuffed with spinach and feta, served with sautéed new potatoes, roasted red peppers and a Parmesan, mushroom and cream sauce (R76). You see, before we were married he boarded a slow boat (probably to escape me) that took him around the world. It was an Italian vessel and the food almost exclusively pasta, so by the time John reached terra firma he vowed he’d never touch the stuff again.

But back to my ham-less aubergine stack. It was the most delicious meal I’ve had in ages and I’d recommend it to even the most zealous carnivore. Similarly, those who claim not to have a sweet tooth might find it hard to resist the superb white chocolate and orange crème brûlée (R35). John, whose default dessert
setting is cake, relished the chocolate and hazelnut baked cheesecake (R35).

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