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Heart and Soul Food in Greyton

Heart and Soul Food in Greyton
Home growin’ and home cookin’ turns into a pop-up passion restaurant for a city couple. Heart and Soul is an absolutely delicious vegetarian garden restaurant…

It’s cute, calm, highly desirable – and very fertile. But what’s also interesting about Greyton, the leafy village tucked into the crook of the Overberg mountains, is that it was specially designed for vegetable farming.

In 1845 Herbert Vigne planned the layout so that each home owner had a strip of land with a lei water system to deliver fresh mountain water to their crops.

Farming wasn’t what city business owners Steve and Karen Jossel had in mind when they moved to Greyton a couple of years ago. But when the vacant ‘’overgrown and neglected’’ plot of land next door came up for sale, complete with run down old building – they saw an opportunity to indulge their twin loves – gardening and cooking. The result: Heart and Soul – part time vegetarian garden restaurant that perfectly fits into their lifestyle.

Gateway to Heart and Soul

“We literally dug up the entire area, and poured in a whole lot of love!” says Karen. “Compost, healthy soil, new grass, fruit trees, herbs, timber veggie boxes and frames were all part of the love ingredients.”

“I just adore food and cooking, (Karen’s city business, Bags of Bites produces healthy home bakes) so we came up with the idea of turning the funny old building that used to be a gym on the property, into a little vegetarian restaurant – using all the home-grown goodies from our garden.”

Meet the Gardening Cook – Karen Jossel

“If we don’t have enough of anything, I buy in – like cabbage or potatoes – but everything’s growing so well now – brinjals, peppers, pumpkins, kale, spinach, spring onions…… Merolyn Botha from Genadendal helps me with the prepping, Anne Marie Remington-Hobbs from Greyton with front of house – and if I’m not in the kitchen I’m in the garden!” I love it.

The Veggie Boxes

“We had the veg beds raised in timber boxes so I didn’t have to bend – and we’ve used the ‘lasagne’ method of layering leaves, newspaper, cardboard, weeds, manure etc to build up the soil. But I have to say that it’s gardener John Ncube who has really helped transform the whole place into an oasis.”

And a clever use of guttering turned a simple fence in a vertical herb garden.

Fresh Salads

“The food – well it’s just salads really – middle eastern or Thai inspired – I make Banting breads and chocolate brownies and sometimes bring in sweet bakes like chewy date squares or biscotti from our factory.”

Timothy James Redpath tucks into a hearty Vietnamese rice noodle salad.

“The locals have been very supportive, but now that the word is out, we’re starting to get visitors from out of town too.”

“We’re also lucky to have the use of lei water to keep everything fresh and happy.”

Heart and Soul
  • Heart and Soul is open just twice a week – Fridays and Saturday 11.30 – 3pm.
  • Eat on site or takeaway. Food is priced by weight. First come first serve – No bookings required –  ‘when it’s gone, it’s gone!’


Words: Nancy Richards

Pictures: John-Clive

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