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Take Time Out for Some Tapas in Hermanus

Take Time Out for Some Tapas in Hermanus

Close by the famous cliffs of Hermanus where people are constantly straining to look out into the famous bay (they are looking for whales, not lost mariners), one can find a charming little place called Tapas Food & Wine Bar.

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What to look forward to

While not quite Spain meets Hermanus, this is a relaxed vibe with generous portions of delicious food at prices that will not alarm you.

Some evenings there is live music to get things going and if you are looking for somewhere to “chill” without getting too precious about it, this will do you very nicely.

The excellent wine list features some treasures from the area as well as others and some good craft beers and serious cocktails. The inclusion of local Sherries (are we still allowed to call them that?) is just the thing to go with the tapas menu. Imported grappa helps it all go down with a bang.

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Tapas in Hermanus

On the tapas side there are things with Chorizo, snails, meatballs, mussels, calamari and all the rest at prices ranging from R30 to R110. If you want to get more serious try one of the generous platters with cold meats, various cheeses, salamis and so on (starting from R267) or try the nachos with bacon and salsa.

Once the appetite is sharpened you might want to go on to seafood like fish and chips at R98 or sirloin steak at R138 or even traditional paella. This would not be Hermanus if you couldn’t get a good burger or even some linguine with pesto. You will not go hungry.

Tapas Food & Wine Bar: +27 (0) 28 3124840

Words and Photography Greg Landman

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