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The Dog and Fig Brewery

The Dog and Fig Brewery

The Dog and Fig Brewery, has opened in new premises just outside Parys in the Vredefort Impact Crater area. Just over an hour’s drive from Joburg this makes a great day outing for those who love craft beer.

Words and Pictures: Sue Adams

IMG_0934Many years ago a couple of friends, Sean Barradas and Johan Huyser, began brewing for fun using a brewing kit. Their first batch tasted dreadful even by their own admission so they gave up. But the bug had bitten and eventually they tried again. This time it worked! And they opened in 2008.

Now they have become so popular they have opened a new Dog and Fig Brewery in 2008 and are up scaling production. Buchu beer is one of their specialities. “We are not here to sell quantity – we want people to have quality beer with good food in beautiful surroundings,” says Sean.

Sean met chef Philippe Waghenfuhrer at Homini Restaurant in the Cradle. Philippe loved their beers and so they decided to do food and beer pairings. Philippe now has his own restaurant Eat in Northcliff in Johannesburg, as well as working with the Dog and Fig to develop a menu that enhances their beers. Each of the 6 beers they brew can be paired with something special on the menu. For example the Wafferse Weiss goes well with a prawn tortellini, the Stewige Stout is perfect with chocolate mousse and the Dark Lager and the pork belly make a good pairing.


At present they are building a party tower where they will have special tastings. If you can still see anything after that you can walk to the top of the tower which is planned to have a glass roof so that you can get a view of the stars. This area is famous for its star gazing especially on clear winter nights.

Sean collects beers (he has over 1000) but he says he realised that he needed to start tasting. So a passion that began with collecting has grown to owning a brewery.

And why the Dog and Fig name? It seems a little hard to explain but at university the boys called themselves the Dogs and the women were the Figs. Go Figure?!

  • The Dog and Fig Brewery is on the Kopjeskraal Road off the Potchefstroom Road out of Parys.  Open 7 days a week.
  • Tel: 076 180 6521


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