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Laverne Wine Boutique

Laverne Wine Boutique

The wine area around Robertson, which takes in the adjacent towns of Bonnievale, Ashton, Montagu, and McGregor, is an absolute joy to visit—and of course to drink and buy wine.

There are some superb examples of the winemaker’s art to be had all over the area and there are restaurants at many of the farms as well. One can load the Benz right to the gunwales and head back to wherever you came from knowing that you have secured some “bargains” and even a gem or two which you cannot get elsewhere. Discovery is the name of the game and I am not talking about the medical aid.

The only thing I find a schlep, apart from the risks of driving after too many swigs from the tasting rooms (it is so difficult to spit out a superb wine, isn’t it?) is the distances one has to cover to achieve one’s goal. Voila, la solution—as they say in French: the Laverne Wine Boutique in Robertson, right on a perfectly civilised tarred road.


Here you will find hundreds of wines from the area all at cellar door prices, without all the driving around. While there is no doubt that drinking wine at the place where it is made is numero uno, this solves many of the problems of a wine tour. Laverne will ship wherever you are and you can order online, right from your home. If you are in the area go in and see for yourself. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and you can pack the car till it groans.

Laverne Wine Boutique, Voortrekker Avenue, Robertson, 023 626 4314 

Words: Greg Landman 

Pictures: Supplied

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