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Young Chef Scirocco for the Win

Young Chef Scirocco for the Win

He comes from five generations of chefs. That means when Angelo Scirocco cooks, he’s not just preparing delicious food, he’s continuing a dynasty. Now he has the chance to add a glittering jewel to the crown of this foodie family.

Angelo-The 24-year-old Scirocco, sous chef at Cape Town’s Chefs Warehouse and Canteen, is jetting off to Milan to compete with 19 other young chefs from around the globe for the coveted S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 prize.

Contestants will submit their signature dishes to an extraordinary jury of seven famous international chefs, “seven sages” like Gastón Acurio, Yannick Alléno, Massimo Bottura, Margot Janse, Yoshihiro Narisawa, Joan Roca and Grant Achatz. Chef Angelo has opted to present a dish he has called Milk is Thicker Than Water.

His more detailed description: “Elderflower panna cotta, Jasmine, Sorrento lemon and milk jasmine rice pudding, buffalo milk yoghurt and chamomile espuma, stracchiatella, Masala, buttermilk blanc mange and buttermilk porridge gelato with stretched meringue shard”.

Get to know Angelo better:

What preparation have you been doing for your dish?
A competition faces many boundaries, first is ingredients, second is equipment, third is temperature of the room and the fridge/freezer and lastly time. I’m working to perfect the dish in any boundary or challenge possible.

What are you expecting from Milan?
There are a lot of meetings, interviews and challenges we all have to meet when we get there. This is very important to get your name across globally, but I’m only focused on the dish itself for now, no matter what country I’m in.

RecipeWho do you think is your strongest competition?
I don’t know any of my competitors personally, but the French representative looks interesting, he has a strong dish and will only be using one ingredient.

How have you found it working with David Higgs (Chef Saxon Hotel and for Team MtnQhubeka at The Tour de France)? 
It has been awesome. I am working more closely with Liam Tomlin at Chefs Warehouse and Canteen at the moment as he is based in CT, but we are constantly touching base with David. I feel fortunate to have guidance from two very talented mentors.

The grand finale begins on June 26. And you can get involved by voting (for our local lad, obviously) here.

We’ll also be updating you with content and news.

All the very best, Angelo!




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