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4 International Day of Families Activities

4 International Day of Families Activities

Today the world celebrates the International Day of Families, which is a United Nations initiative.

This day is observed on the 15th of May every year and this year’s topic is the role of families in promoting education. More specifically, the role of families in the education of younger children.

The idea behind the International Day of Families is to promote the importance of the various roles within a family – from parents, siblings and grandparents, all the way to cousins. It also aims to encourage people with families to find that perfect balance between working and spending time with those closest to you.

We’re only too aware of how tricky that can be, so we scoured the internet in search of quick, family-friendly fun for people with young kids. Since winter is here, we decided to focus on indoor activities that won’t take a lot of time to set up, but that will result in the maximum amount of fun.

1. Drawing, colouring and painting

The best thing about this kind of activity is that you can plan it according to how old your kids are. Young children love painting with their hands, while older kids will enjoy finer arts.

It’s also not that difficult to find a decent colouring book for adults these days. Instead of watching the kids colour an image of Barney, get your own colouring book full of complex, beautiful images.

country life colouring

2. Decorate the dessert

Putting icing on a cake and decorating it with small toys is an easy way to keep the kids occupied for at least an hour.

The easiest way to do it is to buy a ready-made cake at the supermarket. This eliminates most of the dishes and it means you can move directly into the fun stuff.

Martha Stewart’s recipe is the fastest, easiest and most delicious way to make frosting. Change it from white to any colour imaginable with food colouring, ask the kids to lather it on the cake. Finish it off with whatever toys they’re interested in this month.


3. Board games

This used to mean Monopoly, Scrabble or Chess, but times have changed drastically.

Board games these days range from cheap and cheerful to expensive and massively complex. This makes them perfect for kids of all ages and equally interesting to adults.

A word of caution, however. Some modern board games last longer than Monopoly, so read the back of the game carefully before starting.

board games country life

4. Start an indoor garden

Winter is the perfect time to start and indoor garden.

It allows you to get an early start to growing summer vegetables and it teaches young children an important lesson about where food comes from.

We’re very fortunate as South Africans in the sense that it doesn’t get as cold here as it does in other parts of the world, but growing an indoor winter garden can be tricky. Check out the video below for some top tips.

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