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Crispier is Better When it Comes to Baguettes

Crispier is Better When it Comes to Baguettes

A crisp crust on authentic French baguettes is better and there’s no use arguing against this recently established fact.

Scientists recently published the results of a study in the ACS Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

According the article, it has to do with smell. Freshly baked bread is one of the most recognisable and magnificent smells on the planet. When a person chews their food, it also releases molecules that release more smells. These smells play a big role in how food is perceived by our brain, which decides whether we’re enjoying what we eat, or not.

Using this thesis, and the humble baguette as the subject of taste-testing, the researchers sat down to explore whether a crispy crust is an absolute necessity when it comes to this famous French food.

The texture definitely has an effect on the aroma, which has an effect on the taste. Nine different baguettes were tasted, each with a different crumb, crust, water and elasticity density.

The crustier the bread, the more chewing it required, which resulted in a more aromatic experience. This research will help create better bread products, but to the rest of us it provides valuable buying advice. When next buying baguettes, ask the baker for the crispiest one available. Science guarantees it will be more enjoyable.

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