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A Guide to Eating Seasonally

A Guide to Eating Seasonally

Seasons change, and so should the fruits and veggies you put onto your plate. Eating seasonally is tastier, more cost effective and sustainable.

Chef James Diack, one of South Africa’s pioneers of provenance, has taken the concept of seasonality even further by producing a Seasonality Calendar for South Africans as a guide on what to eat each season, and what they can expect to see on his plates during the months and weeks of the year based on the produce from Brightside Farm.

“Our Seasonality Calendar allows us to take this up a notch,” James explains. “The guide will educate diners and consumers about seasonality, and how to shop and eat seasonally.

“Seasonality and sustainability are all about protection – protection of the environment, protection of our diners’ health and not least of all protection of animal health. All of our practices are geared toward these goals,” James says.

eating the right food for the season


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