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5 Fantastic Father’s Day Gift Ideas

5 Fantastic Father’s Day Gift Ideas

The time has come to give thanks to all the fathers, daddies and pappies out there and some of you may be stumped when it comes to ideas of what to get that special father figure in your life.

Here’s a list of 5 fantastic things you can get for Father’s Day and a few budget alternatives.

5. Velvet Cake Co Treat

If you’re not the kind of person who wants to get your dad a typical daddy gadget, give him the ultimate sweet treat, specially made by the Velvet Cake Co. Flavours range from the limited edition hot chocolate infused cake to expresso to rocky road.

Cakes are priced from R400, while cupcakes are priced from R30.

Budget version: Try baking a cake yourself. 

fathers day cake

4. Coopers DIY Craft Beer Kit

Your dad a fan of craft beer? Well, it doesn’t get any craftier than this.

This kit will allow dad to brew up to 23 litres of his very own beer. Heck, chances are he’d be so impressed he might even name the beer after you.

Price: R1749 on Mantality. 

Budget alternative: Makro stocks a host of craft beer options at reasonable prices. 

fathers day gift ideas

3. Bear Grylls Compact Tool

If it’s good enough for Bear, it’s probably good enough for your dad.

It’s small enough to fit in a pocket, but it does just about everything. If your dad gets stranded on an island, he would be able to build a shopping mall with this thing.

Price: R395 from Mantality

Budget alternative: The Crazy Store stocks a nice range of compact tools too.

fathers day gift ideas

2. High Power Headlamp

Your dad would be able to light up an entire Metallica concert with one of these, or, you know, check the meat on the braai.

It comes with 3 LED lights and 4 different settings for using them.

Price: R335 from Mantality

Budget alternative: Flashlight prices start at around R100 at any decent department store.

fathers day gift ideas

1. Retro Pocket Game

8-bit Games were amazing back in the day, and if your dad is over 30 years old, he’ll flip over backwards to have all his favourite games in a format that fits easily into his pocket.

Price: R250 from Mantality

Budget alternative: There is no alternative. We suppose Monopoly?

fathers day gift ideas

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