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Eelume the Slithering Robot

Eelume the Slithering Robot

Eelume is the next big step forward for robots, which is weird considering it doesn’t actually have any legs.

It’s basically a robotic snake and it has been designed for underwater inspection and repair. Eelume is currently being used for repairs on a few oil rigs as part of its rigorous testing regime.

This ingenious snake consists of various tubes with cameras, sensors and tools. The tools are interchangeable, and there are a few on offer, including scrubbers, grabbers and observation cameras.

Because it’s so small, it can also crawl into spaces that a human can’t reach.

It’s not available on the market yet, but there are plans to introduce a cheaper 3D-printed model and a model that can withstand intense pressure.

Check out the video below to see this fantastic gadget in action.

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