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Mercedes X Class Revealed in Cape Town

Mercedes X Class Revealed in Cape Town

Mercedes Benz stunned South Africans recently by unveiling the all-new X-Class double cab to the international media in Cape Town.

The X-Class will be the first mass-produced double cab from a luxury manufacturer. Some might argue that Volkswagen did it first with the Amarok, but it depends entirely on what your personal view of the VW brand is.

The exterior is less exuberant than the concept model, but it remains a handsome thing. Mercedes obviously played it safe and did a decent job of hiding the X-Class’ humble Nissan Navara roots.

As the premium bakkie, you’d expect nothing but the best and Mercedes seems to have provided a decent level of luxury. It’s safe to say that it’s unlike anything we’ve seen in a double-cab before. We’re betting there will be a long options list as well, which will enable a buyer to specify his/her X-Class to near S-Class levels of comfort.

bakkie double cab

When it’s launched in SA in 2018, it will be available with 2 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engines. It’s essentially the same 2.3l unit with 2 different power outputs – 120kW and 140kW. Both diesel models are available as left- or right-hand drive vehicles with purely rear wheel drive or with engageable all-wheel drive.

Whether it will be able to perform admirably is still up for debate, but it’s not like Mercedes doesn’t have any off-road credentials. Remember, it also builds the G-Class…

Power is transferred via a six-speed manual transmission. A seven-speed automatic transmission is available on request for the X 250 d and X 250 d 4MATIC models.

A high-torque V6 diesel engine will be released mid-2018, ensuring even greater agility on- and off-road. It will generate 190 kW and a maximum torque of 550 Nm.

With that the X 350 d occupies a leading position in the segment. The top X-Class model will come as standard with permanent 4MATIC all-wheel drive and the seven-speed automatic transmission with steering-wheel shift paddles and ECO start/stop function.

The X-Class will be made available locally in 2018. Pricing hasn’t been revealed yet, but our best guess is somewhere between R650 000 to R1 million depending on the model you choose.

bakkie double cab

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