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Nature Shows put you in a Good Mood

Nature Shows put you in a Good Mood

BBC Earth recently published the results of an international study into nature programming and its effects on people watching them.

The study found that people’s moods were significantly lifted after watching the BBC’s mega series, Planet Earth 2.

An expert in science of emotion from the University of California confirmed these findings, stating that viewing a decent nature show can lead to positive emotions such as awe, joy, elation and amusement.

The BBC commissioned the research to coincide with the launch of Planet Earth 2, which previewed on DSTV in early February. There aren’t any repeats on at the moment, but it’s available on Blu-ray in various outlets and online stores.

If you’re really stressed, here are three other nature documentaries that will get you in a good mood.

1. Last Chance to See – Netflix

Stephen Fry replicates a journey made by his late friend, Douglas Adams. It focuses on animals that were nearly extinct 20 years ago when Adams first made the trip, and how the various species are doing these days.

2. Frozen Planet – BBC Earth, Channel 184 on DSTV

Ice is king in this documentary series that explores the North Pole. Watch animals during intimate moment, above and under the ice caps.

3. Richard Hammond’s Jungle Quest – BBC Earth, Channel 184 on DSTV

The lovable petrolhead spends time in some of the most remote locations on planet earth. Expect his usual sharp wit, as well as some beautiful footage of rarely filmed animals.

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