Win a Wonderbag for Mother’s Day

Because Mother’s Day is around the corner, we thought we’d give away something really special to two lucky mothers out there.

Wonderbag was gracious enough to offer two of their latest designer fabric bags as a prize.

The Wonderbag is a wonderfully ingenious South African invention. It’s a South African-made, ‘powerless’ non-electric heat retention cooker that’s finding its way into kitchens around the world. During those rolling power outages in the bleak times of load shedding.

Its creator, Sarah Collins, thought back to the days when her grandmother would take simmering pots off the stove and insulate them with blankets and cushions. It was a method that retained the heat for hours, with the end result of a perfectly cooked casserole.

These thoughts eventually led to the Wonderbag, which is now available with a designer fabric exterior.

So not only do you get everything that is marvellous about the Wonderbag as standard, but a decent dollop of exclusivity as well.

These magnificent bags are valued at R360 each, but we’re giving away two free of charge.

In order to win one of these bags, take a gander at the Wonderbag recipes below and decide which one you’ll be making your mom once her Wonderbag arrives.

After that, answer this one easy question: Who is the founder of the Wonderbag?

Answers can be sent to [email protected]. Competition closes on Sunday 14 May 2017.

Please take note that the bag will only arrive at the winners’ doorstep in mid-June, as they only are available to the public at the beginning of June.

The winners will also have the option of choosing a colour/design from the image above.

Top Wonderbag recipes for Mother’s Day

Cider-glazed Gammon

Mustard and Butter Basted Chicken

And because it’s winter, round it all off with a glass of Wonderbag Gluhwein.